Workshop 3

Interdisciplinary Advances and Challenges of AI, Robotics and Vision (InterAC 2024)

ARW Workshop 3

Modern robotics is an interdisciplinary field integrating concepts from Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robotics is also a major driving force for fundamental research on Vision and AI as well as for the development of novel applications in these interrelated areas.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry to discuss the latest developments, challenges, and open research questions. Contributions to the workshop are solicited on the following topics::

  • Software Design & Architecture
  • Safety, Security and Standardization in Robotics
  • Estimation, Diagnosis and Learning
  • Field and Rescue Robots
  • Robot Sensing and Perception, Machine Vision
  • UAV, UGV, Autonomous Systems, Service Robots
  • Reasoning Methods for Robotics
  • Advanced Industrial Robotics
  • Motion Planning and Control
  • Collaborative Robotics, Human Robot Interaction
  • Modelling and Design in Robotics
  • Humanoids, Legged, and Bioinspired Robots
  • Autonomous Mobile Manipulation
  • Embedded AI in Robotics
  • Deep Learning for Embodied Systems
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Movement Primitives and Motor Skills
  • Data-Driven Methods for Robotics and Vision
  • Machine and Deep Learning for Embodied Systems

Invited Speakers