The core of the Symposium consists of two 3-hour workshop sessions. These sessions provide an ideal platform for the diverse needs of the broad community that is jointly represented by the three organizing associations. Workshops may be highly focused on a small, specialized topic or may be more broadly oriented, addressing one, two or all three of the organizing associations.

All workshops are open to all attendees of the Symposium subject to the availability of space.

See the expired Call for Workshops for more information.

Confirmed Workshops

  1. Spiking Neural Networks: Current Trends and Future Potential (3h)
  2. Embodied AI to take robots to the next level (3-6h)
  3. Current Topics in Robotic Research (6h)
  4. Neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligence: trends and perspectives (6h)
  5. AI Certification, Ethics and Regulation (3h)
  6. Certainty in Uncertainty: Exploring Probabilistic Approaches in AI (3h)

More are pending.